She's prettier than me

Hello Beauty!
How many times have I heard about aisguapa aiss is this girl and how well you saw ... blah, blah , blah let's be realistic if you say this is for:
A It's your friend and how you look with good eyes for what you say, although sometimes it's hard for you to say it.
B It's more like you ... that's how bad we are. When someone is uglier, it does not bother us to tell them that it is beautiful, as we know it is a lie ...
But surely in more have you ever thought about She's prettier than me
she's prettier than me
Everything less what we have said before ... the most typical:
1. How many layers of makeup does it carry? That's why she's prettier because she wears makeup. It's just that I'm that beautiful or more if I put on so much makeup. The reality is that on many occasions we can wear even more makeup, but ... the other girl is still prettier.
2. You dress very light, I could also do it ... and no one obliges us or dress lightly or to stop doing it, therefore this is not a good excuse either.
3 I am more beautiful to the natural, this we already say when we see no way out, even if we deceive ourselves.
4. It will be beautiful but it has no brain, it is true that in many beautiful if it is true, but not all.
5. That has already gone through the operating room. It may be true or it may be our imaginations.
6. What is believed ...
7. And finally we try to deceive ourselves with the "what matters is the inside"
And being realistic we have all said stamped ever but ......... it's a bullshit although I admit that I did someday too haha, no matter how beautiful you are, there will always be someone who is better than you so
Did you think any of the phrases? What do you think when a girl is prettier than you ? How do you like these tricks for girls ?