Rings for briliantina girl

Hello girls!
Today I want to tell you about Briliantina , a company that has recently arrived in Spain and Portugal. It is a creative jewelry costume company for girls that has caused a real furor in the Czech Republic, where more than 1,300,000 units have already been sold.
The key to its success lies in applying the design and creativity of the jewelery sector to children's jewelery.
The result is rings that follow the trend of fashion, original, eye-catching, cute and stylish models, but at a toy price.
briliantina rings

 rings girls
 rings for girls
For now, Briliantina rings reach the Spanish market in two different collections, each with 24 rings . The first is sold in individual envelopes in large surfaces, toy stores and impulse points of sale such as kiosks.
This collection has 6 motifs (Happy Piggy, Smartie-candy, Small Clover, Hydrangea, Kitten and Heart) From each of these motifs there are four rings of the same design as They differ by their color.
Girls can collect them and of course change the repeated models with their friends.
But if you like jewelry rings as much as I do , you can also use them :-) You do not have to be a girl.
I've all liked them, although those that are like doubles are a bit uncomfortable to take a long time, so if you had me to stay with one, I would stay with the pig, although the heart is also my favorite.

What do you think of the rings? briliantina ? Kisses