KOO & KOO, high cosmetic

Hello girls!
Today I want to give you my opinion about the female cosmetics products of the brand koo & koo , which is 100% Spanish and high cosmetic . Its high cosmetic products have been tested and duly approved and registered at European level, guaranteeing maximum quality.

They have 6 innovative products, for take care of the skin, according to each need, with clearly visible and contrasted results, but let's see if all this is true with the product that I am using ...

My opinion about Koo & koo's Miracle Body cream :

high Spanish cosmetics
Miracle body is a body cream with firming and nourishing properties, thanks to its exclusive combination of active ingredients, leaving visibly smooth and velvety skin.
Pleasant, unctuous and silky texture, specially formulated for skin care that contributes to optimal hydration and regeneration.
The combination of Marine Collagen, Rosehip Oil, Calendula Extract, Soy Protein, Allantoin and Vegetable Tensor based on Wheat seeds form the secret of this wonderful body cream.
firming and nourishing cream

How do you use this cream of koo & koo ?

We have to apply this daily cream on clean skin, with circular massages until its complete absorption and if you can do this twice a day, much better.

What benefits have I got with this cream of koo & koo ?

I've seen that my skin is more bright, hydrated and firm . For all that I liked it a lot. But if it is true that it has something "Bad" and its price is worth 30 euros, although its size is rather large, 200 ml.
koo & Koo cosmetics
You can see this cream and many more KOO & KOO products on its website, bet on the Spanish brands.
What do you think? looks like the female cosmetics from Koo & Koo ?