How to make a good selfie

Hello girls!
Today I want to tell you about the Fashion Selfie that comes to be a self-portrait. Okay this is not a fashion is something that I have done all my life but as now celebrities do it because it becomes comfortable that we are going to do ... this type of photos ( Selfies ) are made with the camera mobile phone simply by stretching the arm and plas we have our selfie .

As they are so famous today I bring you some tricks for girls to make good selfies

Tips for making good selfies:

make good selfie
But of course the selfie photos is not always very good, those planes so close and adding that the pulse may not be very good ... so today I bring you some tricks to make good photos " selfie "

The tricks for selfies are very basic:

1. If you are going to do it with your mobile phone, make sure your mobile has a decent camera. It does not mean that you have an iPhone but at least you have the 8mp phone or else the photos will not work out.
2. Good lighting if you make it much better day, if you make it at night make sure you have a good light.
3. The camera must be at eye level.
how to make a selfie
4. Stretch your arm as much as you can, use a tripod or a selfie stick, so famous.
5. Test, try and test until you discover which angle suits you best because it depends a lot on the type of face or the effects that you might want to try to hide.
6. Do not use the flash some people with the flash come out with a face of pale, or dead face.
7. If you take a selfie then better avoid titles like "oh what ugly I come out" or similar, we all know that if someone takes a selfie and comes out ugly it does not upload, only upload the ones that go well.

With that kind of phrases we all know is to tell us how beautiful and divine we are.

8. If you do not want the arm to come out in the photo, cut out or set the timer.
9. Download some program to get nice effects in addition to those of the instagram that are already seen.
10. A good makeup but that is simple and natural.
And you do Selfie photos ? Do you like these tricks for girls ?