Beauty tricks for girls

Hello girls!
Today I bring you a post with beauty tricks for girls that we should all know to get the most out of greater party, since in many occasions we do not look good physically, but because we do not follow some of these tricks.
beauty tricks for girls

13 Beauty tricks for girls:

1. To give natural hair shine , we will lopeina every night from the root to the tips before going to sleep. This will prevent us from becoming entangled and breaking when we are sleeping.

2. A good beauty trick to reduce swelling of the eyes , we apply ice wrapped in a cloth at 15 second intervals. It's a bit cold, but it holds up very well.
3. If your coat has fluff or balls use this beauty trick, you can use a pumice stone to remove them. We can also use a blade but we must be careful or we will break the clothes.
4. To do cleaning in the closet of everything you do not use, we put one garment per hanger all to the same place. In two months, go back to reviewing your wardrobe the hangers that follow in the same sense you know you can get rid of of those clothes.
You can give them to relatives, friends, or if you do not like to give anything, you can exchange it for other clothes.
5. To know if you fit the bra, we enter two fingers by the back of the bra, if no enternerror we are small and if there is too much error because we are big. It is very important to use the correct bra size, if you do not know how to do it look How to choose the correct bra size.
6. The sixth beauty trick for girls is for the bad smell of shoes, we can put a bag with baking soda inside.
7. The lip liner is applied much better if we warm it with your fingers before using it.
8. The best time of the day to apply creams is after the shower when the skin is still wet. And we should not forget to use them before going to sleep. This beauty trick for girls will help you to have a beautiful skin.
9. So that we do not get incarnated the nails of the feet you have to cut them straight, and straight is not a bit curved. Beware lest it happen to you as a servant who spent half a year with a bandaged finger.
10. If you have swollen feet enter them in hot water 30 seconds, then 30 seconds in cold water ...
11. If you suffer from varicose veins when you sleep, try to sleep with your feet a little high, you will avoid pain.
12. If you are a mess by painting your nails and you keep all the nail polish by your fingers before you start painting them, wrap around the nail lip balm, once the nails are completely dry, simply wash your hands and the nail polish will go away.

13 Finally if you bite your nails, I recommend reading>>> 7 tricks to avoid eating your nails.

What do you think of these beauty tricks for girls ?