What you should not do if you want to be a good egoblogger

Hello girls!
After the success of the post How to be an egoblogger, today I bring you a post totally the opposite what you do not do if you want to be a good egoblogger , because there are many egobloggers, in the street you usually distinguish them if in the middle of winter they wear flip-flops or if they go with a hat to the super, but good for my taste rather little ones I tell them with my fingers One hand and I have 2 egobloggers left over.
Here's what to avoid if you want to be a good egoblogger.
- I think few people were the ones who did not know about the LABELING !! In this photo you can see chiara with ahem

What is that strange thing inside the dress? oh a piece of etiquette, well a discard it has anyone but ...... .. That see my eyes if you have another label on the sandals ... ah wait to see if they lend you clothes to make photos.

Tip number 1 remove the label from the clothes and if they show you the marks, then use some neuron and do not choose white clothes that disguise the labels, hide it a bit or use photosop that use it for any Cursed then for a label it should be mandatory.
- Take photos on top of the toilet ... that should be be fined! What a shabby thing do not tell me that this is the most nice plane you can choose ... because if so, I'll start thinking that the blogger who make those kind of photos have a blog of shit , never better said . Noos I put a photo so as not to hurt your eyes but hear that if you want to leave it to you privately: -)
- Something else that does not I understand call me rare because there are certain egobloggers that want to become more important or something I do not understand that in their social networks they write everything in English peroaiss that if I have to promote my book in Seville I already write it in Spanish, but only because it suits her.
- Upload to social networks photos of the food upload them is not bad What I do not understand is a picture of superhamburguesa with super papatas and cola cola. Super chocolate candies and breakfast that I would not eat myself in a month and then do not weigh 40 kilos? Where is the trap? These egobloggers are the ones that should say put me a hamburger but be pretty that is for instagram.
- This very very ugly lie As a member of the facebook groups of shopping bargains I sometimes feel scared with comcomientes type look at my new shoes new balance ... missygoblogger those shoes I also have them and we both know that they are falsassiiiiiiiiiiii that for 25 euros you get them in aliexprex but some shoes do not matter .

But if every day you buy a bag channel ... you will understand that your followers begin to suspect that they are more false than tickets of € 600 and more if the plastic shines everywhere. If quieresser a good egoblogger is not easier to say "look that Chollazo I picked up a bag identical to the channel for 20 euros" I say yooooo ... because you think you give every day 2000 euros for a bag is fools.Or do not say that you have your own style otenlo really and do not wear the same clothes as all, that I think it would be perfect for you to sponsor but then do not say that is that I have a lot of stylopropio when there is 100000 person with the same chonil skirt.

What do you think of my tips for being a good egoblogger ? How do you like the egobloggers ? Kisses