The End of a Perfect Day

As I sit here tonight on my patio reflecting back on the events of this Mother's Day I cannot help but remember my "First Mothers Day" some fifty three years ago .  It is hard to describe the excitement and joy that came on that day.  Now after all these year's that same excitement and joy still exists.  After the first child Clarence was born--the second Christi--and the third Cathi--the days became more special.   In addition to these three children we have been blessed with a wonderul daughter-in-law and two wonderful son-in-laws.  And then came the grandchildren!!!  We have six---Cameron , Spencer , Parker , Johnny , Conner and Jenna. Three of them are in college and three in High School.  I maintain the best years unfold as we watch our grandchildren grow into responsible adults.

Today the Harmon House Event's Center along with Buttercup Cafe hosted a brunch honoring Mothers. (If you have never attended  one of these events remember to watch our website.)  Our family of fourteen met and enjoyed brunch together on the Patio of the Harmon House.  Tears filled my eyes with joy as I watched this family share their love for each other on this special day.  I want to thank my children and grandchildren for the opportunity to be a part of their lives.  We are all given opportunities and sometimes we take advantage of them and other times we botch them up.

I may not be a perfect mom but I love you with a perfect love.  The greatest job I have ever had is being your mom.  The second greatest is being a daugter to a great mom who now lives in Heven.  Thank you for a Perfect Day!