Opinion gel breast and serum of crea-m Will they really work?

Good morning Beauty !
Today I want to give you my opinion about the products of cosmetics of the brand Crea-m , a new world of feminine cosmetics where you are the protagonist.

What can we find in the web of feminine cosmetics Crea -m?

On this website you can find cosmetic products for women such as moisturizers, eye contour, firming anti-wrinkle creams, anti-stain creams, anti-cellulite reducing gel, gel chest remodeler ...
Crea-m is a high-quality cosmetic with a large technological and scientific component backed by more than 25 years of experience in thector.
The products that I have from crea-m are: Anti-aging serum and gel bust remover, and are of which I will give my opinion. I also have several samples of products and some repeated, so the repeated I will send them to the winners of the draws we are doing, so you can try them.
The smallest bottle of crea-m is the anti-aging serum and you'll ask yourself, uh? Tuuuuuuu? with an anti-aging serum, where are you going?

Well, I really can not use it, they sent it to me by mistake but you hear that my mother is happy.

Opinion (of my mother) about Crea-m serum:

The serum of crea-m promises to combat and prevent expression wrinkles, has a botox effect, "good" effect, decongests, illuminates and promotes circulation, "flash of beauty" effect, immediate visual lifting, repairs cellular DNA, fights carbonyl free radicals, protects from contamination, nourishes agran depth, protects from photo-aging.

According to my mother it is a very good serum, one of the best that she has tried since if she has noticed the good face effect, and has managed to give more lighting, the pot has not finished yet , so it may be that when you spend more time using it start to see the other effects that the brand says it has. I will tell you your opinion in more detail in the entry "Finished products".

My opinion on the bust-remake gel crea-m:

The biggest boat in crea-m is a bust-remodeling gel , promises to visibly increase and restructure the bust volume, reaffirm, enhance and tone up fighting flaccidity, rejuvenates the neckline and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, moisturize in depth, make the skin more elastic and healthy, promotes the synthesis of the main proteins of the skin (collagen and elastin) and has anti-oxidant effects.
One last gel remodeler if it keeps its promise, right?
I've been around two months using it and yes I have noticed hydration, my chest is firmer and smoother and in plain sight (that only I and my boyfriend see) is much better.

Regarding the increase of the breast, I am not what I was looking for, since in any case I want to reduce and not increase.