Bershka makeup

Hello girls!
For those of us who love low cost shopping this is good news, the firm Bershka is launching a line of lowcost makeup. I think that all girls today like cheap makeup, and that is clear that brands know, but finally bershka decides to join this fashion of makeup.

What can we find in cheap Bershka makeup?

In this line of cheap bershka makeup we can find:

- Lipsticks in red, pink, orange colors ... and its big star will be a lip gloss with light and a built-in mirror. Which I really want to have in my hands and be able to try.
- Enamels, with daring tones and pastel colors. To me the first one I would like to try is the pink enamel, according to how to hold on the nail later I will decide if I buy more or with one I have had enough.
- Blushes, will include four different tones to define and illuminate the face. It will be necessary to see if they adapt perfectly to our skin or not.
- Eyelash and eyerliner masks and palettes for a spectacular look.
Do you want to try the makeup of bershka ? Kisses